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Cauldron Cloud helps managers, developers, and community builders to understand the people and processes involved in open source development to report insights about the projects that matter to them

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Full flexibility to analyze open source projects: GitHub, GitLab and Stack Exchange.

Curate contributors information: duplicates, affiliations, and more

16GB RAM & 320GB storage Cauldron instance

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The open source projects insights reporting

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Analyze projects

Community and organizations engagement, growth, and development performance indicators

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Compare projects

Compare set of projects on the selected software development KPIs

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Customize reports

Get summaries on selected indicators or build your own dashboards and reports

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Frequently asked questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

What data sources are supported?

Cauldron Cloud measure GitHub data including commits, code changes, issues and pull requests, as well as GitLab data (Commits, code changes, issues and merge requests) and StackExchange data (questions and answers from all stackexchange sites, including Stackoverflow, Ask Ubuntu, Super User, and more).

What is included in contributors affiliations and identity management?

Cauldron Cloud allows users to curate contributors information to merge duplicated identities, to add affiliations, gender, and to identify bots.

What kind of metrics do I get with Cauldron Cloud?

Cauldron Cloud provides data about activity (contributors engagement analysis), community (growth and demographic analysis), and performance (issues and community requests management analysis).

How is VAT added?

Local VAT will be charged to customers located in the EU, with the exception of companies with a valid VAT number ("investment of the taxable person"). VAT will not be charged to customers from outside the EU.